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"Waifus and Warships? It's something I never knew I needed."

Victory Belles is an iOS/Web game of chaotic turn-based brawls via spotlight and star shell, epic destruction by 14" naval rifle, flights of torpedo and dive bombers at dawn, and burning hulls left to slip beneath the waves. As Captain, you lead beautiful and deadly personifications of WWII warships into battle over the most dangerous secret man was not meant to know.


On September 1, 1939, the major powers of the world are engaged in a war that will change the course of history. Europe is on fire, the shadow of Japan has fallen across East Asia, and it’s finally clear to every nation - Axis, Allied, or non-aligned - that the War to End All Wars was really nothing more than a preamble to one last great global collision of empires.

But this will not be the war that history expected.

From every ocean and every sea rise fleets of strange new combatants - far more numerous, far more powerful and far more savage than any armada the world has ever known. These fearsome new enemies, the Morganas, have declared war on all of humanity. The navies of the Axis and Allied powers must unite against them - even if their governments sometimes have other ideas.

~ from the Kickstarter page

Release date: 2020